One Man and his Polytunnel

polytunnel1Welcome everyone who is, or has been interested in polytunnels both in the past and now.  This is my quest for looking at the ultimate polytunnel that is going to replace the one that is currently in my garden.  I have been searching over the last few months to see the best what the best way of proceeding is, and the options that are available.  If, like me, you are confused by the various options that are on the market, such as whether you should opt for a polytunnel or a greenhouse. I hope you do not mind me putting my journey onto paper (or should I say, onto computer screen) to see if any of the points that I have found, you have also experienced and/or have your own opinion on.


There are a number of options that one has to consider when looking into any form of garden equipment.  When it comes to polytunnels or greenhouses, these are a big expenditure and they must be right.  Of course, everyone would love to have an old fashioned large Victorian greenhouse – the type that you see at various stately homes that you go around gleaming ideas from.  However, the reality is that unless you have very deep pockets and a site that can take a construction of this size, then it is sadly just not practical.  Therefore (with a heavy heart) I have had to sweep the Victorian wood and glass constructed greenhouse to one side and look at another way of approaching what we require in terms of growing and holding stock under cover.


I will go through the various decision processes that I have made so hopefully some of these may or may not help you if you are in the same sort of dilemmas that we have been.  These can range from:-

–          whether a greenhouse is more appropriate, or not;

–          regardless of the investment, what sort of polytunnel you should have;

–          what sort of thickness;

–          the aluminium poles that you should have;

–          whether you should have a clouded polytunnel skin or whether a skirt around the edge will do;

–          what sort of irrigation system would be most appropriate for the tunnel and;

–          whether it should be bought from the manufacturer or constructed yourself?


Many people in horticulture (and running their own garden) like to do things themselves which – I have to be honest – we do as well, but we also have to be realistic and if there are professional services and products out there which are “tried and tested” then sometimes these can be better than trying to bodge your own equipment, particularly with the time it can take and the time that will then take away from spending on doing the important things of growing and enjoying your garden.


And so the process starts – and we will see what we end up with and how a polytunnel or possibly a greenhouse will take shape and help us in our quest for a better garden.



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